Private Training for you and your dog

Training classes at your home -


Your time is valuable.  I come to you and help you meet your goals with a personalized training plan that will address issues where they occur - in your home and neighborhood.

The benefits of positive training -


Rapid and long-lasting learning, and a strengthened relationship - based on trust and cooperation - with your canine companion.  And it's fun - for you and your dog!

For pet and performance dogs of all ages -


I work with you and your dog one-on-one in your home or neighborhood.  Sessions are about 1 hour in length.  Phone and email support provided during the training period, and written instructions are also provided.

Your pup is ready to learn as soon as they come home -


You will want to teach him to respond to his name, to greet people politely, to eliminate outside, to play appropriately, and more.  Positive training will enable you to teach all these behaviors and make your puppy an enthusiastic learner.  The sooner you start, the easier it will be to mold your dog's behavior and prevent problems.

Puppy Start Right Preschool - Get off to a great start!


For puppies 7-12 weeks old to start.  $385 for 5 sessions includes a set of streaming videos and  Puppy Start Right book.  Learn how to use positive reinforcement to train basic skills.  Learn about dog body language and behavior and how to use positive proactive socialization to prevent behavior problems.

Puppy Fundamentals - Basic Skills with positive training


For puppies 12 - 20 weeks old to start.  $375 for 5 sessions includes attention, polite greeting, settling on a mat, recall, sit, loose leash walking and more.  Include Puppy Start Right book.

Companion Dog - for adolescent and adult dogs


For dogs 5 months and older.  $375 for 5 sessions.  Your dog will learn basic household manners such as walking on leash, waiting at doors, accepting handling, sitting to greet people, coming when called and much more.

Custom Training - a plan just for you


Your training goals are individual to you and your dog.  Let me personalize a training plan to fit your needs.  $80 per session includes written instructions, and email and phone support during the training period.

More about Custom Training -


A personalized plan may be best for addressing behavior problems, or if you want to train specific skills not included  in basic household manners.  Use button below to fill out a contact form.

Positive Training for Gun Dogs -


Positive reinforcement is the best way to train for any activity that requires cooperation between dog and handler.  Clicker training is used to train dogs for guide and service work; for police and protection work; as well as for field work.

Field Work Foundations and more -


I offer private training and group seminars on foundation skills for pointing, flushing, and retrieving breeds, as well as formal fetch training for any dog - force free.  Whether you are preparing for an AKC hunt test, a Working Certificate, or training your companion for upland or waterfowl hunting, clicker training will produce a responsive, reliable, and enthusiastic partner.


Use the button below to contact me.  We can set up a free initial consultation where we will discuss your training goals and I can show you how positive training will work with your dog.