With positive reinforcement both you and your dog can win!

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Dog Training Classes at Your Home

Dog Training Classes at Your Home

Dog Training Classes at Your HomeDog Training Classes at Your HomeDog Training Classes at Your Home

Positive Solutions Dog Training will help you meet your goals with a personalized training plan for you and your dog.

Meet the Trainer - Dawn Gilkison (with puppy Deagan below)

Dawn and puppy outside

Dawn Gilkison - KPA Certified Training Partner & Fear Free Certified Professional

I work with dogs and their owners to create attentive companions and focused performance dogs.  I am committed to using only force-free training methods and will make training a great experience for you and your dog.

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Personalized Training Plans

You may need to solve common behavior  problems such as leash pulling or jumping up on people; or perhaps a new  puppy is joining your family.  Or you may be interested in positive  training methods for field work, rally, or agility competition. 

I will work with you  and your dog to develop a custom training plan that will meet your needs.

Dawn's Story

A life-long dog fancier, Dawn is the owner of Positive Solutions Dog Training, and has trained dogs for agility and obedience competition, conformation showing, skijoring, and field work.  Dawn earned a B.A. in Biology from Reed College and a M.S. in Biology from San Diego State University where she researched social behavior in captive wolves.  

After managing a pet food/supply store and teaching basic obedience classes for a few years, Dawn got involved in showing her Flat Coated Retriever in conformation and training her for upland and waterfowl hunting.  Returning to college for a teaching certificate, Dawn became a high school science teacher and dived into agility training and field work with her Large Munsterlanders.

After 15 years of teaching high school, Dawn decided to "go to the dogs" and graduated with distinction from the Karen Pryor Academy and started Positive Solutions Dog Training.  She attends seminars and training conferences every year to keep current on scientific knowledge about animal behavior and training.  See the video at left for more information about positive training.

Get Started Here:

I serve clients in East Multnomah County, North Clackamas County, and North, Northeast, and Southeast Portland, Oregon

Hours by appointment, days and evenings available

Contact me with training questions or to schedule a free, initial consultation. When we meet, you will see your dog learn with positive reinforcement, and we can discuss your goals and options.  Consultations are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

Positive Solutions Dog Training LLC

(971) 255-7466 info@trainpositivedog.com

Success Stories

A second chance for Rita


Thank you so much for all your help.  We learn so much from you and Rita step by step is improving.

Ayna A. Portland OR



Dawn is a "professional" in every sense of the word.  She is patient to a fault, and demonstrates everything you need to learn in order to train your dog.

Mike B. Milwaukie OR

Corgis love to learn!


I so enjoyed our last session and am looking forward to watch Libby make progress.

Amrit K. Troutdale OR

All puppies need training


Koda was a shelter pup who benefited from private training sessions at his home.  

Dez overcame his fear of the car


Thank you so very much.  We could not have done it without you and your superb training skills.  This would have seemed miraculous a short time ago.

John A. Portland OR

Hoka learned to relax


I am especially thankful for your patient guidance and training during the incredibly rough early days.  It has all paid off ten-fold.  Thank you!

Kim M. Troutdale  OR

Success Stories

Sessions with a Sheltie


Dawn's main strengths as an instructor include her patient demeanor, her clear instructions, and her positive encouragement.  Lori S. Troutdale OR


I really appreciate the way you made Ivan feel comfortable while training.  You took the time to explain how the training works and how we could carry on with the training techniques at home.  Thanks very much for giving us new tools to work with.

Chris D. Milwaukie  OR

Bud the Labrador


Thanks so much!  You've started me thinking differently about everything regarding this dog -  . . . I suspect my grandkids will also appreciate the more positive approach.

Ross W. Portland OR

Helping foster dogs


Dawn worked with my Golden Bond Rescue foster dog and her assistance was invaluable . . . Dawn's time with Dino made a big difference in his life. 

Marsh P. Milwaukie OR



Many dogs over-react to strangers -  dogs or people - they encounter out in public.  Private training can help these dogs (like Betsy above) learn to remain calm when out for a walk or when visitors arrive at home.

Book a workshop for your group


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of clicker training this weekend.  Hopefully more folks will embrace clicker training for their hunting dogs.  Adele N. South Louisiana Vizsla Club